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Marine Services


Sapa Logistics & Marine Services Co, is a leading integrated logistics services provider aimed to provide first-class logistics services.
Also we have the necessary infrastructure, system and experienced team to provide a comprehensive marine services.

Rubber Hoses

Our range consist of the following:-
Rubber Air Hose,
Welding hoses,
Corrugated Rubber hose,
PVC water suction/Delivery Hose,
Steam Rubber Hose,
Chemical Rubber Hose,
Oil Transfer Hose,
PVC Air duct Hose,
PVC industrial hose,
Hydraulic rubber hoses.

Oils & Greases

Our range consist of the following:-
Penetrating Oil,
Multi Purpose Grease,
Rust Preventives,
Gear Grease,
Bearing Grease,
Wire Rope Grease,
Fish Oil & Tallow.

Paint brushes & Paint rollers

We cover the entire range of
Paint brushes& paint rollers,
Paint mittens,
Aluminium extension poles,
Nylon deck brushes,
Non-spark deck brushes,
Hand wire brushes,
Wire cup & Wire wheel brushes,
(standard type, knotted type),
long & short handle brooms,
Bath mats,
Coir door mats,
Deck Rubber mats,
Plastic sheeting,
Corrugated rubber matting.

Gloves & Safety shoes

Assorted Range of :
Gloves Cotton,
Rubber coated Gloves,
Non-Slip dotted Gloves,
Winter Gloves,
Leather Palm Gloves,
Natural Rubber Gloves & Oil/Acid Gloves.

Our Safety shoe / Boot range consists of:-
Rubber Boots,
Safety Shoes,
Safety work Boots,
Oil/Acid Resistant Boots & Shoes

Also Available
Rain suits with Hood,
Boiler suits (Cotton + Polyester) in all colours,
Parka Jackets & Refrigerator Coats.

Wire Rope

All Ropes are available with test certificates.

We cover the complete range of :
Wire Ropes,
P.P. Ropes,
Manila Ropes,
Nylon Ropes,
Mooring Tails,
Wire Rope slings,
Tonsberg mooring Links,
Fairlead Mandal Shackles,
Heaving Lines,
Signal Halyards,
Tarred Marline,
Sailtwine & Seizing Wire.

Mild Steel

We hold Mild Steel
Sch 40 + Sch 80 seamless pipes upto 14.
Hydraulic Mild Steel Pipes,
Stainless steel 316L + 304L pipe IN Sch 10,
Sch 40, Sch 80, Seamless Copper Tubes,
Alu-Brass Tubes.

Mortise Locks & Latches

Mortise locks & latches
Door lever handles & knobs
Brass cabinet rings
Door rings,
Master key system padlocks,
Door closers
are part of our range of Hardware items.

Paint brushes & Paint rollers

We cover the entire range of:
Paint brushes& paint rollers,
Paint mittens,
Aluminium extension poles,
Nylon deck brushes,
Non-spark deck brushes,
Hand wire brushes,
Wire cup & Wire wheel brushes,
(standard type, knotted type),
Long & short handle brooms,
Bath mats, Coir door mats,
Deck rubber mats, Plastic sheeting,
Corrugated rubber matting.

Cleaning Materials & Chemicals

Complete range of Cleaning Materials & Chemicals

Flashing Lights

We stock a complete range of :
Navigation Lights,
Green Flashing Lights,
Red Flashing Lights,
Suez Canal Searchlights,
Day Signals,
Full range of merchant flags & flag hooks & Blocks.


All types of lamps such as
Flat reflector lamps,
Infrared lamps,
Mercury lamps,
Self ballasted mercury lamps,
High pressure sodium lamps,
Tungsten halogen lamps,
Sealed beam lights,
Florescent Lamps,
Along with all the necessary accessories,
Reflection lamp lighting fixtures
Flood lighting fixtures,
High pressure sodium flood lights,
lighting fixtures,
Explosion proof fluorescent ceiling lights,
Cargo lights,
Boat deck lights,
Projection lights.,
Marine deck lights,
Marine water tight wall light,
Explosion proof hand lamps.
Bright star flashlights.


Battery chargers,
complete range of marine water tight Plugs +
Marine water tight rotary switches,
Toggle switches,
Push button switches,
Knife switches,
No fuse circuit breakers,
Low voltage converters,
Marine electric alarm buzzers & alarm bells,
Water tight electric horns,
Lamp holders,
Cello light fuses,
Carbon brushes,
Welding cables,
Rubber cab type cables,
P.V.C cab type cables,
Armoured cables,
Copper markers,
Cable glands,
Marine water tight junction boxes,
Antenna cable insulation,
Bakelite rods & sheets,
Electric sleeve tubes,
Clamp meters,
Avo meters,
Digital multimeters,
Insulation testers.

Life Jackets

We stock a range of products ranging from
Life Jackets,
Reflective tapes, lifeboat torches,
immersion suits,
Life boat anchors,
Life boat jack knives,
Life boat ditty bags,
Fire hoses,
All purpose nozzles,
3 Position fog nozzles,
All types of hose couplings, fire axes,
Safety belts & hooks,
Dust protecting masks,
Paint spray respirators, plastic chipping goggles,
Noise foe ear muffs,
Safety helmets,
Antislip tapes.

Bronze and Cast Iron hose

Our Range of valves also include
Bronze and Cast Iron hose end valves
used on the fire extinguishing line.

Fresh Provision

Our Fresh Items:
Pumpkin Red,
Bitter Gourd, Beans,Green ,
Cabbage, Cauliflower,
Radish White,
Chilli Green,
Apple Red,
Banana, Pineapple,
Water Melon,
Mango, Orange,
Grape Green,
Kiwi Fruit,
Honeydew Melon,
Plums Red,
Potato Sweet

Dry Provision

Our Dry Items :
Lipton Tea Bag,
Yellow Label
Coffee Mate , Nestle ,
Coffee Creamer,
Instant Coffee
Milo, Milk Powder, Nido
Vinegar White
Tomato Ketchup,Chilli Sauce
Tang Orange,
Tang Lemon,Tang Mango
Oats, White, Oats, Quaker
Cup Noodles Inst.
Macaroni Elbow
Cooking Oil ,
Soya Bean Oil,
Sunflower Oil
Pringles Cheese,
Pringles Chips,
Tooth Paste,
Colgate Tooth Paste,
Close Up
Haldirams Aluo Bhujia,
Butter Cookies.

Frozen Provision

Our Frozen Items:
Ribbon Fish Whole ,
Cuttle Fish, Prawns
Red Snapper Fillet,
Cod Fillet,
Hamour Fillet
Mutton Mince,
Lamb Chopss,Butter, Unsalted,
Mix Vegetable Frozen,
Baklava Leaves
Samosa, Vegetable,
Butter, Salted
Frozen , Ice Cream
French Bread.,
Frozen , Half Baked,
Chicken Whole, Griller,
Chicken Sausages / Franks,
Chicken Breast Boneless,
Chicken Minced
Pork Leg Bone ,
Pork Spareribs,
Pork Tenderloin,
Pork Neck Boneless
Beef Rump, Beef Silverside,
Beef Brisket
Beef Shank ,
Beef Spare Ribs,
Beef Sausage,
Ice Cream Vanilla,
Ice Cream Mango,
Ice Cream Chocolate,
Ice Cream Butter Scotch,
Ice Cream Chocolate,
Ice Cream Mango,
Ice Cream Pistachio,
Ice Cream Strawberry
Frozen Oyster,
Tuna Shashimi Fillet.